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July 7, 2024 Off

Tomb Raider – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

By Samuel Hardman

Cave As soon as you enter the cave, follow the wolf tracks on the floor. Continue along this path until almost the end, where you will see a passage on your left. Jump in that direction and climb to the...

July 1, 2024 Off

All Mario Kart games: The evolution of the series that conquered generations!

By Markus Leite

Welcome to the wonderful and fun world of Mario Kart, the racing game series that has captivated players of all...

June 26, 2024 Off

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble – Analysis (Review) – Classic fun with good innovation and challenge!

By Markus Leite

GAME SHEET:Release:  June 25, 2024Players:  Up to 4 on a single console; Up to 4 in local communication; Up to 16 in...

June 8, 2024 Off

Rider’s Spirits – Analysis (Review)

By Markus Leite

GAME SHEET:Release:  June 7, 2024 (Original release for Super Famicom: September 30, 1994)Players:  Up to 2 playersGenre:  Racing.Developer:  Masaya Games, Genki, Ratalaika GamesPublisher:  Masaya Games,…